Her dagger drawn she hustles me into the seat.
How easily, she finds that I cooperate.
No will exists to challenge what I can't defeat.
Warm blood will spill I know if I should remonstrate.

With honey breath she airs her words over my face,
"You'll beg" she says, "you'll plead for me to set you free".
Those eyes, black molten fire pools from hellish place,
burn bright. This moment will fulfil her fantasy.

"One word from you.." her thumbnail traced across my throat.
Reflected in her dagger that perverted smile.
The air a draining suffocating, heady coat,
imprisons and sedates this Being now on trial.
And one could understand it if she were to gloat.
My loss is now her gain no matter how puerile.

"I am The Predator", she says,
"I am The Night.
Your body, mind and soul belong to me alone."
Her burning hunger instigates such appetite,
I fear that she'll consume my entire flesh and bones.

Then takes me,
as the whore would take the drunken waif;
A black, potent, intoxicated revelry
of swirling mystic sorts where no soul can be safe.
Her bitter sweet caress will never set me free.

Then says to me...

"Oh sinner, did you think your sins could not be seen?
or that they'd be forgiven as some humans say?"

Each word like poison arrows striking deep and clean
into my very soul, as night turns into day,
and I awake from what has been the darkest dream,
where demons fare the night to lead our souls away.